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There’s a pain inside him and it’s a killer. A dark, fanged tornado that left a vacuum in the place his heart should be. A place he tries to fill with Blues, Sex, Espresso… and a Cafe Racer drive to rescue lost things. Is it super powers, magic or just luck that makes him almost unbeatable in a fight and hit eventing he aims at? Only his therapist-shaman knows… but is HE real or imaginary?


“Literature has a new Great Latin Lover… and he’s a Dick.” – Espresso Detective


Eric Erdek -Creator – Writer- Artist

This is My Story

I’ve been directing thousands of actors over the past 20 odd years. I work in casting as session director and less so as casting director. The comic book part goes back to my first memories. I’m a dyed in the wool comic nerd. My comic book creating is much more recent. I’ve been a pro for the past 10 years. To my credit is a cover to Heavy Metal Magazine (back cover, but still…) I’ve attended ComicCon as a pro for many years, but my main deal is the espresso detective comic. I don’t look it, but I am half Latino, speak Spanish (native) the other half is New Yorker, living In California I have a deep love affair with espresso coffee and my motor revs at the site of cafe racer bikes and blues music. I now reside in Los Angeles with my stunning, genius wife and stunning, genius cat.


Private: espresso life store

the espresso lifestyle is a mood… a way to sail the rough waters with class and an edge.

Life has it’s blues and five alarm fires, for some of us that’s business as usual.

We at the lifestyle say why not do it with a perfect cup of espresso in a beautiful garden cafe? Jump off your cafe racer motorbike, toss off your Espresso Detective T-shirt, get a little sunshine and kick back with the latest issue of Espresso Detective Comic.

“A cup of the world’s best espresso costs about the same as the worst.” Why not choose luxury?