Let’s talk all things espresso! I use an Ascaso Dream UP V3 Espresso Machine – polished aluminium, (An Illy Francis Francis X1 Espresso machine is my spare in case of Ascaso malfunction! ) An Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Stainless Steel and a Jennings CJ4000 4000g x 0.5g Digital Scale. My vessel of choice is the NotNeutral LINO espresso cup. So far the best bean I’ve found is the TEMPLE COFFEE ROASTERS– you can’t go wrong with DHARMA BLEND. That’s up in Sacramento, far from The Espresso Detective’s regular haunts. So closer to home here in Los Angeles the top is Caffe Luxxe! They are only on the West Side… so that leaves a lot of searching when cafe racing around looking for clues… What we need is a source to find a Great Shot STAT, all over town… and anywhere in the world actually. First mission: Send in your suggestions for GREAT shots of espresso! send a picture of the shot, the machine it came from, and outside and inside (if there is an inside) of the place, and a sign or logo with the address! Let’s get Espresso Detective’s BEST SHOTS going!