The New Pages Are Coming Along!

If you want to know what happens next, you’re in luck!

Due to overwhelming demand from the Espresso Detective Updates Group, I will now be sharing a page a week of Issue Two!!

I’ll first post the pages that were in the preview, then will start posting the new pages as I finish them.Wait ’till you see the newer artwork, I feel I’m really hitting my stride and getting my best work ever out there. The plot is getting more twisty, dark, noir and funny.

  • Chopped off duck heads!
  • Mastermind beauties plotting rescue schemes poolside!
  • Trucker wisdom!
  • Caffeine rage ass-kicking!
  • This one’s got it all!

It will be like an old fashioned cliff-hanger weekly comic strip! (But with Boobs, Bullets and empowered female characters!)

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See you poolside with an iced espresso!